Personal Shopping with The Gypseas

Connect thru Zoom for your one-on-one shopping experience. Get exactly what you want and create custom looks. Perfect for music lovers and retailers alike.

How It Works

Contact Two Gypsea Souls to schedule your online appointment.

Connect with Sharon and Allie on Zoom.

Go through a huge selection of items ready to ship or collaborate with The Gypseas to create your own unique looks.

Who Is This Service For?

This is perfect for boutiques and retailers that would love to add Two Gypsea Souls to their store, but can not travel to NY to see all the goods in person. Working with The Gypseas online is just as fun and easy as working with them in person, and your customers are going to absolutely love all the new one-of-a-kind merch.

This service is available for individual customers as well, please message us for more information.